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Fucked up brain.

My mind brings me physical pain… It tortures me into solitude, keeps me up at night, and makes me shed tears for no particular reason. At the same time it fills me up with anger, hate, and lust for violence. I feel like a monster, and I hate myself. The little salvation I find in intoxication bears no semblance to a solution, and the way that I am when sober, leaves me with no will to live, let alone function in society. The worst part of all this is that if I come forward with this to my mother, all she will do is dismiss it as angst, as me just being a brat. In the end, all I want is to die, but I am too afraid to do it myself… For someone who find himself a rationalist, this is truly mind numbing. I do not know why I am this way, I really wish I wasn’t, but everything I tried has failed, and staying high at all times is no solution. Each night my fear subsides, and I hope that soon it will disappear…


"There are no wild, seedless watermelons. There’s no wild cows. …You list all the fruit, and all the vegetables, and ask yourself, is there a wild counterpart to this? If there is, it’s not as large, it’s not as sweet, it’s not as juicy, and it has way more seeds in it … We have systematically genetically modified all the foods, the vegetables and animals that we have eaten ever since we cultivated them. It’s called artificial selection.”

- Neil deGrasse Tyson

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if you ignore my texts i’ll just assume you hate me

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Alexey Titarenko, City of Shadows, (1992-1994)

Inspiration lies everywhere. In fact, it can even be found in the darkest of times. For Alexey Titarenko, that time came when the Soviet Union collapsed. “In the winter of 1991-1992, one cold and gloomy day, I strolled sadly down a street which used to be packed with people, which used to be full of joyful vibrancy and dynamism,” shares Titarenko. “I saw people on the verge of insanity, in confusion: They looked like shadows, undernourished and worn out.” 

While waiting outside a subway station, Titarenko noticed how a crowd of people evolved in front of his very eyes. With the belief that he could make time stand still by changing the camera’s shutter speed, he created this interesting set of photos. He called the series City of Shadows.


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